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Enough is Enough

Recently a 14 year old female student, Aria Jewett, a student at Oceanway Middle School in Duval County, Florida, received a beating so badly by another female student, it resulted in a basal skull fracture and concussion. Another student filmed the attack with a cell phone, while about thirty other students stood around and watched.

The attacker was arrested and charged with felony battery. Judge Henry Davis then made the decision, after finding her guilty, that she posed so much of a danger to all of the other students of Duval County, that she could not attend any school anywhere in Duval County. I absolutely applaud Judge Davis for his courage in making this decision.

It is absolutely pathetic that some parents in this country allow their children to become so dangerous that they have to be isolated from the rest of society. When I say allow, maybe I should say “teach” instead. Most children are not, by their very nature, violent. But if subjected to a violent home life, or if they have parents who are just plain negligent in their responsibilities as parents, then they are far more likely to go out and repeat what they have learned or been subjected to at home.

But the school commissioner for Duval County actually went on camera, and made the statement that the attacker was welcome back to school. The reason I find this so infuriating is that this attacker has done this before. It has been reported that she has been filmed doing this on at least five other occasions. If in fact true, I absolutely agree with the judge’s assessment of this young woman as a serial bully. Does she have to kill someone before she is stopped? If these attacks continue, that is exactly what will happen. This young lady is just plain, old-fashion “DANGEROUS”. I find the actions of the school district commissioner in allowing her back into school to just be irresponsible.

Even more disturbing is the fact that she has learned this behavior somewhere. Bullying is not a “Boys being boys” right of passage so to speak. Studies have shown that it is most likely learned at home. So why has no one investigated her home life to see why she is so violent? Based upon her continuous level of violent behavior, she may have psychopathic tendencies. Based on what I have seen and read, she appears to enjoy violence. If not stopped, she will kill someone; and most likely will not have one ounce of remorse. Why does it need to escalate to that level before taking action?

There is one other point that I would like to make. Based upon over sixty years of living around bullies and being bullied myself, I have come to realize that if she does this and gets away with it, you can bet your last dollar that she also does other things like taking money away from other kids, or forcing other to do things like steal for her. The only reason that society does not know about it yet is because she just has not been caught. Of course these are only possible examples. I have no way of actually knowing exactly what she might be doing. But I would be absolutely amazed if she were not doing something other than just bullying.

I’m not sure why, but bullies do not seem to limit their behaviors to just bullying. They seem to have the attitude that if they can bully other people and get away with it, they can pretty much do as they please. In my book related to bullying, I detail one such neighborhood bully and his actions that eventually led to him spending some extended time behind bars. 

In fact I knew a young man in my neighborhood that was exactly like this girl. He constantly bullied other kids into doing things for him that they did not want to do. He tried to make me sit and talk to him while he was waiting to catch the bus. When I refused and got up to walk away, he threw an empty coke bottle right at my head. Luckily I ducked just quick enough so that it missed. He eventually got caught stealing a transmission out of a neighbor’s car. He ended up spending time in prison twice that I know of.

You just cannot afford to allow a bully to continually get away with it. You have to take some kind of action to protect yourself.

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