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Strong Parent-Child Relationships

Children who have a healthy relationship with their parents are more likely to develop positive relationships with other people around them. They can establish secure bonds and friendships with peers. They are better at regulating their emotions when faced with stress and difficult situations. This is because positive relationships with parents and caregivers help children learn about the world – whether the world is safe and secure, whether they’re loved, who loves them, what happens when they cry, laugh or make a face, and much more.

It is well known that any child who has a strong relationship with their parents tend to be much more successful throughout their llives. Trust, caring, and respect in that relationship is absolutely crucial. Even in the early years with your baby, developing trust and respect is important. Your baby will feel secure when she learns she can trust her primary caregivers to meet her needs.

The way you build a positive relationship with your child is by:

  • Spending quality time with your child.
  • Creating a caring environment of trust and respect.
  • Being in the moment with your child.
  • Spending quality time with your children by giving positive feedback on what they are doing without judging.

List and watch what they are saying and doing. Ask questions they can answer but makes them think. This helps them to realize that you do care about what they say and do. This helps to strengthen the relationship between the two of you. Try to offer words of encouragement. If your older child expresses a desire to prepare a meal for the family, why not let them? Just be close by if they need help with something. Use this as an opportunity to help them to learn how to take care of themselves, which will come in handy when they leave home to start a new life of their own.

They need to know that they can come to you at any time, regardless of the situation, and you will be there for them. You may not always approve of what they have done. But they need to know that your love is unconditional; and you will always be there whenever they need any type of help or advice.

As your child starts getting older, why not take them with you to do your grocery shopping? This would be a perfect time to help them to learn what to choose and what to leave alone. You can show them how to choose foods that are good for you; how to determine which foods have too much salt, or are too high in calories. You can help them to learn how to choose what some good alternate choices might be.

This might also be a good time to help them to learn how to budget. Show them how to keep food costs down, and still buy nutritious foods for the family. They will be able to do this for themslves when they get older, and are buying for their own family.

Another reason for developing a close bond with your children is when they have a problem in school. This could be due to a particular subject that is difficult for them. It could be about a particular teacher that they are having a problem with. The closer your relationship with them is the more likely they will be to come to you instead of just suffering in silence.

One last issue that could be particularly important is the issue of bullying. They need to feel comfortable enough with you so that, if this happens, they will not feel like you will blame them for it. I cannot stress strongly enough how crucial it is that they be able to feel like you are on their side. Unfortunately, there are too many parents that still have the idea that bullying is just boys being boys. It is anything but that.

You also need to be really alert if they start coming home with unexplained bumps and bruises; if they start losing things or seem to be making up stories to try to explain situations that just don’t seem right; if they become withdrawn or start making excuses about not wanting to go to school. You can bet your life that something has changed for the worse. This is when you need to start investigating.

If this happens you can always find help on my website: This article is just one of many that I will be writing and publishing about the subject of bullying and how it affects your children.

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