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Why Do Kids Bully?

So, why DO kids Bully? While there may be a multitude of reasons why anyone bullies another human being, bullying is actually not unique to humans. If you look around you can see it almost anywhere. I see it constantly in my own house. I have two cats. One is substantially larger than the other. I can see it … Read more

Make sure that your Child

At some point in our lives we all feel as if we do not belong. I’m 5’4”. Can you imagine how I would feel around the Harlem Globetrotters? Can you imagine how you would feel in southern Chicago if you grew up on the beaches of California. The point is, we all have situations in our lives where we just do not fit in. That’s really nothing new.

Do Remember That Your children Are Watching and Listening.

Your children watch everything that you say and do. They take their cues on what is and is not appropriate behavior from you. So if they see you being abusive towards them or your spouse or some other person. You have just inadvertently taught them to be loud, abusive, and disrespectful toward other people when something has upset you for whatever reason.